DELAVIA provides highly skilled Aviation and Aerospace
professionals on contract basis to the global aviation industry.

The engineers, technicians and executive personnel of the company take pride of their work,
striving to do the best for the aviation safety and commercial operators’ performance by
following meticulously the regulations, customers’ requirements and contract rules.

The company has put aviation safety and quality in first priority and for this purpose expects from it's personnel
excellence in workmanship, to exercise good judgment, to apply sound principles of decision-making,
to recognize and manage risks effectively, to adhere to prudent operating practices and personal
operating parameters (e.g., tolerances, limitations, and other human factors), to act with
responsibility and courtesy, to follow applicable laws and regulations, and finally to
comply with training and performance requirements.

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Delavia Ltd

About us

DELAVIA was founded in 2014 by an Aviation and Aerospace expert.
The idea was to provide highly specialized and experienced engineering.... +more

Delavia Ltd


Our services are tailored to customer’s requirements. Highly skilled Aviation and Aerospace personnel on contract basis to Airlines, MRO service centers and Training Centers...  +more

Delavia Ltd


If you are passionate for aviation and engineering and enthusiast in travelling worldwide DELAVIA is the right employer to apply... +more


178 Seven Sisters Road,
London, N7 7PX
United Kingdom


Phone: +44 7452 053763